Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bow Wow Meow Event

I volunteered at an event called Bow Wow Meow in Brentwood over the weekend, which was an outdoor fair that promoted pet adoption and caring for your pets. I got this gig through my friend DeAnne and met the founder of the Four Legged Friends Foundation Sandra Lollino.
I have never met more people who love and are so passionate about animals! There were dogs everywhere, pet hotel booths, water stations, organic food for pets, little outfits, pet photography!! I worked for the "Dancing with the Dogs" show, which was described as "Dancing with the Stars" but with their owners and pets. I helped coordinate the dancers, kept to the given timeline, gave the MC their lines, and assisted the judges, actress Barbara Niven, actress Kate Linder, actress Mariana TOsca, actress Dana Daurey, radio talk show host Phyllis Botti, and singer Monique Powell.
But the one who I was surprised to see the most was actress Linda Blair who was also the founder of the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation. My father made a movie with Linda Blair back in the 80's called Silent Assassins and I distinctly remember shooting at my house and blowing up my kitchen door, etc. I met up with her after the show to take a picture for my dad. She still remembered my parents and the movie, but is definitely more active in her pet adoption than acting now.
While working I also bumped into an old college friend Seth Castelle who was photographing the entire event and working with Little Friends Photo. And during my lunch break I crossed paths with several former and current students of my father's martial arts school (I was wearing a shirt that everyone seemed to recognize), so that was a trip.
The "Dancing with the Dogs" show was a huge success! We had 5 acts and the most adorable dogs doing awesome tricks to music with their owners. We also had a dog trainer on the other side of the stage giving demonstrations about training your pet to be a professional show dog. We had to repeat the show 5 times so that everyone in the fair would get a chance to see the dogs in action, so by the end the dogs were pooped out!
The performances were judged on music performance, execution of movement, the bond between handler and dog, and fun! Everyone was able to win a prize for something and over a dozen pets were adopted by the end of the day, which was the whole point of the event and very rewarding. It definitely left me wishing I had my own house to own an adorable dog...but hopefully one day soon!
Sandi with her 2 dogs Snow and Chaplin were truly comedic!

Jennifer with her dog Etta in matching outfits.

Dog Trainer Sue with her rambunctious dog Jack were definitely crowd pleasers!

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