Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nintendo DS "Personal Trainer" Competition!

So I was convinced to go and compete in a Nintendo DS "Personal Trainer" contest where partners would run around the Whole Foods supermarket in Pasadena using the new DS cooking game "Personal Trainer" as a guide for shopping.
My partner Locke Webster ( and I did pretty well together. We came in 3rd place in the race. The first two winners actually got to cook their recipes. My partner and I, as 3rd place winners, along with 2 other judges, got to try to food and judge who would be the winner.
First place went to my boss and her partner from Parent Magazine. They won a trophy, a free DS, and a copy of the Personal Trainer game. I won a tote bag and a gift card to Whole Foods. Overall, I'd say a good day at work!

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