Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TSE-Day 1 A Complete Success!

Got to TSE today at 9am and went to the "Ignite Creativity Workshop." "The Art of Fabrication" for a bit before heading out to "Wedding Etiquette Solutions" and then to"The elements of Linen Couture" and "Must have Flowers: NeoFlora-Couture Floral for Tomorrow" and then quickly snuck into "Selling Your Clients on You." Needless to say, there was a lot of note-taking and ideas, but it was soo fun! I think by far my 2 favorite workshops were the linens and florals, because the simplicity in the creativity is astounding! I was able to get a quick bite at a local thai restaurant at the Gaslamp district, but other that that, I didn't really get to eat much.
The workshops all finished up at 5:30pm so I went down to my car and organized my thoughts for a bit, returned my phone calls, and read some more of "Eclipse" (the 3rd book of good!!!) before heading out to my volunteer shift at "TSE Starts Here," a casual social night at a local bar/club in San Diego. We had to collect tickets and strap wristbands on everyone, but unfortunately we were all outside so I was FREEZING!!! Everyone was pretty nice though, no serious problems or anything, and i got to meet Kristin from Rhode Island and Paul from South Africa!! Very cool!
Dale, our team leader, let us get off a little earlier and so Kristin and I went and took a green screen picture and ate some of the cheese and crackers. There was an awesome chocolate section and they had a couple of girls in chocolate-covered outfits dancing and posing on a platform right in back of all the chocolate displays. It was definitely a focus point. The location, Stingaree, was also really awesome, with 3 floors of bar and lounge areas, including a rooftop view and at least 3 stations of food.
Dancing the Night away with "Catch the Moment" Photography. Good times!

Kristin and I spent the rest of the night dancing away with the rest of the guests to pop and old skool (can't touch this, baby got back, you get the idea...) until about 11pm. I almost lost my camera but luckily I went back and found it!! *whew!*
Got back to my friend's apartment by midnight, and thankfully I dont have to get in until the exhibition halls open at 10:30am. I'm really excited to see all the new trends and products and services they'll be showcasing at the hall. I will also have to volunteer in the evening again, but I think I will have more time to be at the event afterwards, which should be awesome because it will be co-hosted by NACE, (National Association of Catering Executives) so the food is supposed to be SUPERB. Yay!

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