Friday, February 13, 2009

4 Last Minute Valentine's Ideas!

Okay people, if you're scrambling for some last minute ideas, here are some easy ones that still show a lot of love:

1. Homemade Cards.
I think everyone loves them! Even if it's out of construction paper, or you draw a picture or glue a photo of you and your Valentine on the front, it shows that you took that extra time to be creative and personal. I personally LOVE those big gigantic cards, so I got one this year and made it fun by editing the poem inside the card to fit my Valentine better.

2. Fortune Cookies.
How cool is it to personalize fortune cookie messages to give to your Valentine? Buy fortune cookies at any specialty supermarket (always buy more than you need, some will break!). Make sure you've already typed and printed up your "fortunes" on little slips of paper (they could be quotes, poems, just cute sexy messages, etc.).
Put one fortune cookie in the microwave for 20 seconds. As soon as it's done, it will be really soft but really hot! Carefully open it up, removing the old fortune and replacing it with one of yours. Then carefully close it up and fold it back to its original shape and let it cool.

3. Cook Dinner.
This one is easy! How many of you forgot to make reservations until the last minute and are now eating dinner at either 4pm or 10pm? And restaurants love to make a killing on how money extra money you'll have to spend on a Valentine's Day dinner. I suggest making them a special dinner at home. Light the candles, use the fancy china, have some wine and dessert ready, and enjoy a special evening of wonderful food without spending half as much.

4. Go Somewhere Random!
Everyone thinks they have to be romantic for Valentine's day, but really, it's just a day where each couple should get to do things together, romantic or not. Spice it up by going somewhere random and fun! Have you been to a museum lately? Go Kart racing? Mini golfing? As long as it's something special (you've never been or haven't done it in a long time) and you have fun, it can still make for a memorable and special Valentine's day. I love checking out for all their upcoming events and free stuff to do all around LA, and I would definitely recommend for discounted tickets from comedy shows to plays and spa treatments.

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