Thursday, February 12, 2009

9 Wedding Trends for 2009

There's a great article on about the 9 New Wedding Trends for 2009. Even if you're a bride who doesn't care about the current trends and fashions, it's just nice to know what's out there for ideas and inspirations.

1. Outdoor weddings: Rustic, homey, intimate. Everything is becoming very laid back and fun now.
2. Jewel Tones: Bright colors, Jewel tones, more natural colors instead of dark browns, and black is back!3. Pattern prints: fun fun patterns really make everything pop! It adds to the colorful colors.
4. Ball gowns: big is back, and it's all about the fabric this time.
5. 2-tiered wedding cakes: cupcakes are on their way out and now it's all about the cakes, but not too big. Use the 2-tiered cakes as the centerpiece mixed with dessert/snakes like cookies, pies, etc. around it. At one of the TSE parties, they had a station making little mini donuts that were so cute!! And man, the smell wafted throughout the party the whole night!6. New centerpiece vessel: It's all about the big or interesting floral vases. Ceramics are also in.
7. Chandeliers and creative lighting: as centerpieces and to really help set the mood using lighting.
8. The updated photo booth: The updated photo booths are bigger and better, with fabric in the background, furniture and props, and enough space for large groups. Two companies that I really like are Catch the Moment, who use various backgrounds to play with, and LA Photo Party, who use just a white background but have tons of props to play with and dress in.
9. US Honeymoons: No more need to travel out of the country for a great honeymoon. People are looking to spend their money within the US and travel to wineries, hot hotels, and cozy lodges as their intimate getaway.

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