Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Postage to Increase: What to Do

Alright, most people have heard this but I just wanted to confirm it for those who don't know.
The US Post office will be raising the cost of stamps in May 2009, so prepare yourselves for a $.02 increase (FYI, it's $.42 right now to mail a letter; it'll be $.44 after May). It's crazy how much mailing a simple letter is now-a-days, especially if you still do direct mail (and every business still does)!!
I did get an inside scoop from my post office guy that I definitely wanna share: it's all about the "FOREVER" stamps!! Buy the ones with the little bells on it with no actual cent amount printed on it. You buy those and they will last, well, forever! No matter how much you bought them for at the time vs. when you actually use them, they will work without having to add any additional postage.You would think that everyone would only be buying these Forever stamps all the time, right? Why even bother printing any other kind!?
Anyway, there you have it! So if you know a bride or a party host that will be sending invitations after May 2009, you've been warned but can save them with this loophole!
Now go enjoy all the $.02 you save per invitation and buy yourself something nice!

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