Saturday, February 21, 2009

Attending my first ISES LA Event

I went to my first ISES event with another event planner Marianne on Wednesday at the beautiful and impressive Bel Air Bay Club in the Pacific Palisades. It could only be rented by members only but have recently opened it up to the public, so definitely check the wonderful beach views and historic building if you get a chance.
The patio area was very nice and members and non-members mingled and had appetizers (which were DELICIOUS!). As a first-timer, I had to wear a "First-Timer" ribbon on my nametag so I was a little nervous about eventually hearing the ISES pitch over and over again, but to my surprise, no one mentioned anything! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming as they introduced themselves and chatted about what they do in the industry, what I do, and exchanging information.
There were tabletop displays and a cake donated by Cake Divas which was also beautiful AND delicious; I especially loved the white chocolate pieces that covered the entire cake.The meeting itself was also very casual. They had a few announcements regarding upcoming meetings and events and then immediately started on a "Speed Networking" game. It was a great way to meet almost every single person there! There is a ridiculous number of people who find crazy niches in the industry. I definitely tip my hat to those who are innovative and creative in what they sell/rent/design.
The evening ended with dessert, coffee, and music from DJ Nahchey. It was probably one of the most efficient 3 hour events I have ever been to! I look forward to attending more events and seeing what ISES is all about!

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