Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TSE Wedding and Party Trends!

After a fabulous girls movie night out last Friday (I lovedlovedloved "He's Just Not That Into You"!!!), a couple of my friends stayed afterward so I could show them some of the new trends and ideas I picked up from TSE. They were really impressed with all the new info, so I thought I'd share them here with you!

Tips and Ideas from TSE:

Make it Personal: Couples are getting married later in their lives, so they tend to share costs more and make their weddings more personalized. I found great vendors at TSE who can personalize small things at any party: One is Photofetti, where they print your photos on confetti, and the other is PicPlates, a company that will print your photo or logo on a plate that makes great party favors, gifts, or even table numbers!
How cute are these bride and groom personalized chairs?
Save on the Flowers: Flower designs now are all about big, but not in the amount of flowers. Think vertical, horizontal, or diagonal in design, super creative, and big flowers, leaves, or vases. Clear vases, pottery and natural ceramics are in. Everyone is using water pearls or water cubes, which soak up water and can last for hours at a time, and are completely reusable! A great vendor of both vases and water pearls is Accent Decor, though you will have to purchase them (no rentals).
It's all about the vase in this picture, with minimal flowers.
Here are some of the water cubes up close. You can use waterproof LED lights in the flowers to create a nice glow.
Linens: I learned so much about linens, it's fascinating!!! You can easily dress up any room with the kinds of linens that you use, so you can go smaller on the centerpieces if your linens are really going to stand out. In the end though, if you can't afford fine linens for everything, go for the "money shots." That means that although guests will be sitting at their tables eating, hardly any pictures are taken of these tables. You want to make sure your nice linens are in the pictures that count, like the cake table, the sweetheart table, the bridal party table, even the place card table and gift table. Easy ways to make linens stand out: Start with a base cloth and layer with another accent color. Don't forget to accessorize!
Green Weddings: As people are becoming more eco-friendly, couples are trying to be more green. Whether trying to stay away from using too much paper or using real flowers or trees as centerpieces and decor, being conscious of reusing, recycling, and trying not to waste is the key.
The food display was very "natural." Everything here is organic from Specialty Produce.
Simple decor was used here with real fruit in tall clear vases filled with water.
Fancify the Food: People mostly come for the food, right? So why not dress it up? It's all about being creative, from hot ladies standing by the food to entertainers passing appetizers around the party on a movable table.

This woman was painted in brown to match the chocolate station.
The table surrounding her has appetizers that she offers to guests as she wanders around the party.

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