Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Love Candy Stations!

I'm prepping for my big birthday bash and have been looking into all sorts of cute candy station ideas. I ended up finding so many fun ideas, I wanted to post them!
Candy stations have become really popular because it lets the host choose their special treats to share with their guests, kids have a great time scooping and eating, and everyone loves candy!! They can be great do-it-yourself party favors or just something extra for your guests if they don't particularly like cake.Candy stations are not the only thing you can try. Tiered dessert stations, nuts and chocolate stations, chocolate fountain stations, popcorn stations, ice cream stations, even souffle stations can be created.Some things to remember when making your unique station:
Don't skimp. For smaller occasions, I would recommend 5-7 types, for larger parties 8-12. types. Definitely buy enough to fill your jars, and then another 1-2 more bags for refills.
Big jars come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can decide if you want them to match or alldifferent. I definitely recommend checking out Save-On-Crafts to get an idea of all your options.Definitely decorate your station table! If you can't fill your whole table with jars, add some decorative pieces like different kinds of linen, larger dessert pieces like candy bars or big lollipops, a photo frame or or framed message, or little notes of the types of snacks on display.Don't forget your cellophane bags! Ribbons, twisty-ties, or personalized stickers can help wrap them up nicely to go.
There are plenty of bulk candies to buy online. I've been looking into Kosher candy for a Jewish venue and I was really surprised to find so many candies Kosher-certified (lucky me!). M&M's also offers personalized messages and even photos to put on your choice of any color M&M's. But make sure you think about shipping time and cost, and of course if you're purchasing something that might melt during delivery.Don't forget that colors and themes can also play into your party as well. Be creative! As long as you've got lots of big jars full of delicious yummy choices , it will definitely be eye-catching and a popular stop for all your guests.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Ways to Dress Up Cupcakes!!!

Cupcakes are still very popular to have at parties and events, but how do you find ways to make it fun and new without being like everyone else? Check out Roundabout Cupcake Sleeves!!
I stumbled onto these cute things the other day through The Party Goddess and found an amazing and fun way to decorate cupcakes! They have themed ideas from baby showers to weddings, and even more fun tricks like sushi rolls, hamburgers, and even a gum ball machine!!! Just by using their decorative adhesive sleeves and a bit of creative toppings, your cupcakes can become a whole new dessert of topic for you and your guests to admire and savor!
Yes, these are cupcakes!

This season's Easter ideas include little bunny cupcakes and my favorite, Easter baskets filled with eggs (jelly beans). Definitely check out the website, where they even show you examples of how easy it is to make one! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ciudad restaurant: Amazing Catering of Latin Fusion

I had a wonderful lunch meeting at Ciudad on Friday with the Catering Sales manager Kathryn Sweeney. We first met at the ISES event last month and had coincidentally volunteered at the Pamper Me Fabulous event last weekend, so it seemed like fate was bringing us to dine together at her fabulous little restaurant!
The restaurant is located right on Figueroa and 3rd St. in downtown LA, with a fun little "cantina" bar in the front, a beautiful patio area outside, and intimate private areas for dining in the back. Foods all have a Latin flair to them but are not limited to one particular region, it's more like a fusion of all Latin flavors. We enjoyed the Ciudad Classics of Peruvian ceviche (so good!), Spinach empanadas, and Piquillo peppers, the chopped salad (loved the plantains), the pan-seared Arctic Char (barsley-very yummy), and a tray full of desserts including the Barcelona Chocolate Cake, goat milk flan (so thick and creamy!), and a Torta de Tres Leches. Que Sabroso!In addition to renting their restaurant and outdoor patio area, they also have the entire Union Bank plaza area upstairs available for rent. With the rows of trees, water fountains, and archetitural designs, you would never notice that you're in the middle of a bustling downtown LA,and it's great for parties, weddings and receptions, and concerts.Kathryn takes care of the catering of Ciudad as well as their other restaurant Border Grill in Santa Monica. Both restaurants are owned by famous chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, owners of the original City Cafe in LA and hosts of TV show "Too Hot Tamales" on the Food Network. You can still find them cooking and visiting customers there several times a week!
So if anyone is looking for a Latin catering, awesome signature drinks, happy hour Sunday through Friday, or just a good place to eat, definitely visit Ciudad and Border Grill. Kathryn's contact information is ksweeney [at] and 213-542-1102.And don't forget to invite me, I've got coupons for free drinks!

Monday, March 9, 2009

"Pamper Me Fabulous" Event

Last weekend I worked on an event called Pamper Me Fabulous. It's a project I was involved with at the beginning stages and was lucky enough to be able to volunteer on the day of and see everything come to fruition.
The event was held at the Vibiana in downtown LA and was a full day dedicated to the pampering and beautifying of women. This is their second event and was really successful with about 600 people in attendance, spa and beauty treatments ranging from waxing from JennyWax to hairstyles to massages and manicure/pedicures. They also had a "Fashions Finds" area where vendors sold their various innovative products like Renee Vintage Designs of jewelry, and an outside patio area where guests could relax, listen to music, and drink free beverages like SmartWater, Isse, Her, and a new pink champagne called Nuvo. Some of the proceeds went to benefit the Step Up Network, which is an organization to help empower and educate young women.I was only able to work the morning session but I heard nothing but amazing things about the treatments being given and the overall look. At noon there was a "Fabulous Female" Awards ceremony celebrating 2 women who exemplified excellence in their community, work, and life. Every nominee was amazing and truly was passionate about what they did. Hosts included Councilwoman Jan Perry and "Dancing With the Stars" Karina Smirnoff.
The judges announce the winners of this year's Fabulous Females.

There were delicious appetizers from cakes and sweets to chocolate fountains and new Glowelle beauty/health drinks. A modern version of a photo booth was also available for free for those who wanted to do before and after pictures. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take advantage of any of the treatments, but I did get to take home a swag bag!
Glowelle creates drinks to purify and beautify from the inside out.

The website to the event was done by my friend Jason Allen. You can also read editorials and publicity for the event in Spa Magazine, Pasadena Magazine, Singular magazine, and most likely New Beauty and several websites. We hope to continue hosting this event annually, so I'll definitely keep you posted. Thanks to all who supported as well!