Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ciudad restaurant: Amazing Catering of Latin Fusion

I had a wonderful lunch meeting at Ciudad on Friday with the Catering Sales manager Kathryn Sweeney. We first met at the ISES event last month and had coincidentally volunteered at the Pamper Me Fabulous event last weekend, so it seemed like fate was bringing us to dine together at her fabulous little restaurant!
The restaurant is located right on Figueroa and 3rd St. in downtown LA, with a fun little "cantina" bar in the front, a beautiful patio area outside, and intimate private areas for dining in the back. Foods all have a Latin flair to them but are not limited to one particular region, it's more like a fusion of all Latin flavors. We enjoyed the Ciudad Classics of Peruvian ceviche (so good!), Spinach empanadas, and Piquillo peppers, the chopped salad (loved the plantains), the pan-seared Arctic Char (barsley-very yummy), and a tray full of desserts including the Barcelona Chocolate Cake, goat milk flan (so thick and creamy!), and a Torta de Tres Leches. Que Sabroso!In addition to renting their restaurant and outdoor patio area, they also have the entire Union Bank plaza area upstairs available for rent. With the rows of trees, water fountains, and archetitural designs, you would never notice that you're in the middle of a bustling downtown LA,and it's great for parties, weddings and receptions, and concerts.Kathryn takes care of the catering of Ciudad as well as their other restaurant Border Grill in Santa Monica. Both restaurants are owned by famous chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, owners of the original City Cafe in LA and hosts of TV show "Too Hot Tamales" on the Food Network. You can still find them cooking and visiting customers there several times a week!
So if anyone is looking for a Latin catering, awesome signature drinks, happy hour Sunday through Friday, or just a good place to eat, definitely visit Ciudad and Border Grill. Kathryn's contact information is ksweeney [at] bordergrill.com and 213-542-1102.And don't forget to invite me, I've got coupons for free drinks!

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