Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Love Candy Stations!

I'm prepping for my big birthday bash and have been looking into all sorts of cute candy station ideas. I ended up finding so many fun ideas, I wanted to post them!
Candy stations have become really popular because it lets the host choose their special treats to share with their guests, kids have a great time scooping and eating, and everyone loves candy!! They can be great do-it-yourself party favors or just something extra for your guests if they don't particularly like cake.Candy stations are not the only thing you can try. Tiered dessert stations, nuts and chocolate stations, chocolate fountain stations, popcorn stations, ice cream stations, even souffle stations can be created.Some things to remember when making your unique station:
Don't skimp. For smaller occasions, I would recommend 5-7 types, for larger parties 8-12. types. Definitely buy enough to fill your jars, and then another 1-2 more bags for refills.
Big jars come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can decide if you want them to match or alldifferent. I definitely recommend checking out Save-On-Crafts to get an idea of all your options.Definitely decorate your station table! If you can't fill your whole table with jars, add some decorative pieces like different kinds of linen, larger dessert pieces like candy bars or big lollipops, a photo frame or or framed message, or little notes of the types of snacks on display.Don't forget your cellophane bags! Ribbons, twisty-ties, or personalized stickers can help wrap them up nicely to go.
There are plenty of bulk candies to buy online. I've been looking into Kosher candy for a Jewish venue and I was really surprised to find so many candies Kosher-certified (lucky me!). M&M's also offers personalized messages and even photos to put on your choice of any color M&M's. But make sure you think about shipping time and cost, and of course if you're purchasing something that might melt during delivery.Don't forget that colors and themes can also play into your party as well. Be creative! As long as you've got lots of big jars full of delicious yummy choices , it will definitely be eye-catching and a popular stop for all your guests.

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