Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Ways to Dress Up Cupcakes!!!

Cupcakes are still very popular to have at parties and events, but how do you find ways to make it fun and new without being like everyone else? Check out Roundabout Cupcake Sleeves!!
I stumbled onto these cute things the other day through The Party Goddess and found an amazing and fun way to decorate cupcakes! They have themed ideas from baby showers to weddings, and even more fun tricks like sushi rolls, hamburgers, and even a gum ball machine!!! Just by using their decorative adhesive sleeves and a bit of creative toppings, your cupcakes can become a whole new dessert of topic for you and your guests to admire and savor!
Yes, these are cupcakes!

This season's Easter ideas include little bunny cupcakes and my favorite, Easter baskets filled with eggs (jelly beans). Definitely check out the website, where they even show you examples of how easy it is to make one! Enjoy!

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