Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ladies Skin Care Session and Mixer

I received email from my friend Jaclyn of Jennywax, about this great event on Thursday, April 30th. Two of her friends own companies and are joining forces to host this wonderful skincare event for women, and then having a fun co-ed networking mixer afterward. Below are the details from her email. Make sure the click on the flyer links as well for more info.
Definitely go if you get a chance! It will be a great way to learn from the experts and meet new people at the same time!

You are invited by Sara Davenport, owner of Broadway Skin Studio, and May Hui, owner of The Matchmaking Circle, for our Single Ladies Skin Care Session followed by a co-ed networking mixer at the Beechwood Restaurant.

Please check out the details on the Matchmaking Circle flyer. The way this event will work is as follows:

We will have a female only overview on the latest in laser hair removal, photo facials, we'll even learn some myths about anti-aging regimens such as Botox. Then we will head over to the Beechwood where you can invite that guy friend you love but aren't in love with in the hopes that he maybe a match for someone else. Whether you are looking for a love connection or just want the chance to meet some "girlfriend approved" guys or you'd rather keep it professional and network, this event is for you!

For the Beechwood network mixer details, read more and forward it onto any girls you may know who'd like to come. Be sure to tell them to RSVP for the skin care portion as space is limited. If you wish to invite any of those good guy friends, you can forward them the attached flyer for Catch Matchmaking.

As always, I hope you'll come and check this out. Girls just wanna have fun!

Email me with any questions, Hope to see you next Thursday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Stuff for your Birthday!

Went to Disneyland for my birthday yesterday for their FREE ADMISSION promotion and had the most wonderful time!!! Can I tell you that I just LOVE Disneyland!? It really is the happiest place on earth, minus all the strollers of crying children and the occasional slow walkers who like to stand in the middle of the walkway....haha.
I went with my boyfriend David, my cousin Diana, and her friend Audrey. The guy at the ticket booth was super cool and even drew a Mickey Mouse on my "Happy Birthday" button. The first ride we checked out was the new Finding Nemo (former submarine ride), which was really cute! The wait time was less than 30 minutes!!! In fact, that was the longest we waited in line for any ride (yay Wednesday!). And we were able to ride almost everything (even the random Mr. Toad's Wild Ride) by the end of the day.
Splash Mountain totally soaked us!
Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster ride lets you email your photo to yourself!

We had lunch at the very fancy Blue Bayou, the restaurant that always looks like nighttime inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It's about $30/person, and they gave me a complimentary birthday mousse dessert with little Mickey Mouse sprinkles. Seriously, Disneyland is soo amazing with details....!They also reopened "It's a Small World" ride to include statues of Disney characters, which was kinda funny. A Disneyland ride about a world with Disneyland characters in it! I was admiring the colors and design of the ride...wouldn't it be fun to have an "It's a Small World" themed-party?? Well, I thought it'd be great for a multicultural event with lots of entertainment, colors, foods, etc.
Alice in Wonderland featured at "It's a Small World."
Closed up the evening with dinner at Downtown Disney's Rainforest Cafe where I also got a free ice cream (I had WAY too much ice cream that day!). They also gave me a free souvenir cup (SWEET!).With only 15 minutes left before the park closed, David and I ran (literally) all the way back into the park to ride Indiana Jones, the last ride to check off our list. We barely made it to the line before they closed it off and it was totally worth it!
Disneyland is definitely a great way to spend your actual birthday, especially since it's free (a $69 value!). And I got a 2fer pass since I'm also a So. California resident, so in a month we get to return to check out California Adventure. There isn't as much free stuff once you're inside the theme park, but with every single employee wishing you a happy birthday (and even some of the guests), it was a great way to spend the day with friends and family (who are willing to buy a ticket or have an annual pass).I would definitely recommend registering your birthday online with Disneyland and taking full advantage. It's open for all ages and only good for 2009. And if you're not a big Disneyland fan, my mom got me a gift certificate to Glen Ivy and apparently they offer free admission on your birthday as well! Here are some more websites that list free things that you can get for your birthday. Hey it's Free and Frugal Living. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girl's Night Out Manicure/Pedicures

I love it when my toe nails are painted some funky bright color and I finally get to show them off in sandals! And since it's been hot this week, I have been admiring the wonderful pedicure job I got at a Girl's Night Out event at Dashing Diva, a nail salon in Pasadena, Ca.Every Thursday and Friday evening you and all your friends can come on down to Dashing Diva's "Girl's Night Out" for manicures, pedicures, and a free yummy Cosmo to sip on while getting pampered! Their salon is super fab with a round sofa for pedicures and classy faucets, a mini bar, and a fun little couch for lounging while your tootsies dry.I went with 6 other girls who were doing variations of manicures and/or pedicures, and with all the great colors to choose from, we had a blast catching up, getting beautified, and relaxing with some much-needed happy hour cocktails.
Dashing Diva recommends making reservations but I got there almost 40 minutes after my reservation and they still had room to seat me. They also offer party packages of groups as small as 5. Enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Birthday Partay Soiree!

What a great weekend!! I celebrated my birthday with 58 fabulous friends and family last Saturday and had a blast!
The venue was a Jewish Kosher restaurant called A Cow Jumped Over the Moon in Beverly Hills. They had been closed for 2 weeks for Passover so I was really happy that they were able to reserve the entire patio for my party! The weather was perfect and there was plenty of room to lounge, eat, mix, and mingle.My theme colors were black and white (in a vintage floral print) with teal accents. I had special table runners made and created glass votive candle holders with teal ribbon for a simple but elegant look.
Thanks to those who noticed my matching teal-colored heels!
My signature drink was a super cute green-colored mojito called a Jo-jito. It was DEE-lish!

The center of attention was definitely the photobooth, provided by Photocube! What I personally loved best was that the pictures taken were also shown on a screen outside of the booth for everyone to enjoy as well. It helped make the photobooth more interactive and fun! It was definitely the big hit of the party and hardly ever empty (I saw guests leaving with STACKS of photos...haha).To tie in with the photobooth, I set up a table FULL of scrapbook supplies to decorate a birthday scrapbook for me. They could use fun scissors, paper, stickers, markers, and write fun messages. It also worked as a sign in book and it allowed people to get really creative, and there were some SERIOUSLY creative people! I couldn't wait to get home and go through the book of memories that everyone got to participate in!I also placed several of my personal scrapbooks at a table near the entrance so that guests coming in could enjoy milestone events that they might remember. They also turned out to be a great conversation starter for those who didn't know each other but recognized each other in pictures.And the cake!!! It was a delicious soft chocolate with white frosting provided by the bakery downstairs. Because it's also a French restaurant, the frosting was sweet but not too sugary, and I heard people were helping themselves to seconds!And as guests left, they were given a cute little party favor of teal-colored jelly belly beans (it was berry blue flavor for those who wanted to know) in white drawstring organza bags. Michelle from the Original Jelly Bean Factory in Burbank was super helpful and I would definitely recommend them for anyone who needs jelly beans and colored M&M's.
Thanks to everyone who made it out that night and for sharing my birthday with me. It was wonderful to see so many people come and enjoy a nice evening together! Photocube posted all the pictures taken from the photobooth if you'd like a digital copy or print one out. And if you took any pictures at the party, please send me your link or send me a copy! I was so busy catching up that I didn't take any!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

6 Must Have Tips For Producing A Fabulous Baby Shower For Your Client

I'm working once a week at an event company called "The Party Goddess" with owner Marley Majcher. I really enjoyed one of her recent articles regarding baby showers, so here it is! Marley's bio is below.

1. It's about the theme. The theme guides every other decision you'll make regarding the shower, so make sure it's meaningful to the mom-to-be. Sit down with her and find out all of the details from whether it's a boy or girl to her nursery décor/colors to what her personality type is. Is she an "Earthy Girl" or an urban sophisticate? All of this information will be key in helping you design a theme that is personal and an event that is unforgettable. One of my favorite, all around fun themes is a Pickle & Ice Cream Shower. It works whether it's a boy or girl and lends itself to cute invitations and fun food-oriented party games.2. The first impression. The invitation is your chance to make a great first impression. It introduces the theme and builds excitement and anticipation for the party, so have fun with it! But, don't have so much fun that you make the common mistake of forgetting to include all of the key information everyone needs to get to the party! Every invitation should include: Who the shower is for, what event is being celebrated, date, time and location of the event - including address, and who to RSVP to and their contact information (email and/or phone). If it's ok with the mother-to-be provide the sex and name of the baby and any gift registry information. It's also helpful to include the theme, whether a meal will be included and a map to the shower location. You should, as the event planner, propose invitations that are creative and thematic.

3. Break the ice. Parties can be awkward in the beginning because often the guests don't know each other. You can help overcome this by inviting the expectant mother's closest friends to come early for a small, intimate get-together before the festivities begin. Not only will they feel special for being included but then they will be on hand to greet and mingle with the rest of the guests as they arrive. Be sure to provide cute name tags and an activity that will help break the ice. One way is to pin the name of a famous mother on each guests back without letting them know who it is. Some examples would be Carol Brady, Angelina Jolie or Mother Goose. While they're mingling guests can ask one another "yes" or "no" questions to get clues to who they are. Another fun way to include people of all ages is to have everyone bring their baby picture and have people guess who is who.

4. Let the games begin! Games can make the difference between a so-so shower and a truly memorable one. But not everyone is competitive so be conscious of this and provide a good mix of games that are fun but won't alienate anyone. Some games I like that are fun and good natured are "Baby What In The World?" - pull odd pregnancy/baby related items out of a bag and have each guest write down what they think that item is used for. You wouldn't believe the guesses I've heard for a baby nasal aspirator! Another game that is as fun to watch as it is to play is the "Baby Bottle Drinking Contest." Fill four 4 oz. baby bottles with juice (or something with a little kick!) and ask for four volunteers. Give each player a bottle and see who can drink it the fastest...hilarious! Games are great but don't go overboard. You really only need 1 or 2 games to make the shower a success. After the games, I love to include a bit of pampering and include a manicure station with manicurist to give touch ups and have a masseuse on hand who can give quick 15 minute massages. If you want to be a bit fancier, have a facialist on hand and watch the smiles spread like wild fire.

5. Baby food! When planning your menu for the shower, look to the theme for inspiration. Your food should fit the mood of the party. Baby showers are typically light-hearted affairs with fun finger foods but if your theme is elegant then your food should be too. Consider the time of day the shower will be held - a mid-afternoon shower will have a lighter spread than a lunch or dinner. For a more personal touch, I like to ask the mom-to-be what foods she has craved over her pregnancy and mix a few of those crave-worthy foods into my menus. This always gets the stories going as other moms share their crazy cravings.6. Double duty décor. It's just crazy how much STUFF new parents need to buy to be able to take care of a baby, so I like to incorporate useful baby items into my décor. For example, use a bundle of baby bottles tied together with colorful ribbon as a "vase" for your centerpiece or include small toys, rattles and pacifiers into table décor or as cupcake toppers. A gift basket of baby items wrapped in cello makes a fabulous centerpiece and the best part is that the mother-to-be can take it all home and use it!
Diaper cakes are very popular and come in different shapes, sizes, and themes.
Leading Entertainment Expert, Entrepreneur, TV Personality, Coach, Author and Sought After Speaker, Marley Majcher is CEO of The Party Goddess! and publisher of the ezine, "How To Be A Party Goddess". If you are ready to take your career or business to the next level, make more money and just be happier with your work life, then get your free tips on how to be a rockin' event planner at

Easter Gifts for Adults are Fun too!

I hope you all had a happy Easter weekend!
Saturday night I had a great little dinner party at my friend's house and wanted to bring in some Easter spirit, so I made these adorable little Easter "baskets!"
Easy plastic boxes to buy with little bunny faces on it. I got six of them at the dollar store! I added the rhinestones and the little cotton tails for some added effect! I didn't want to do jelly beans so I went with Mike & Ike's and used green cellophane as a wrapper and cut it with criss-cross scissors to look like grass.It probably took less than 10 minutes to finish all of the gifts, and they were a great hit!