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6 Must Have Tips For Producing A Fabulous Baby Shower For Your Client

I'm working once a week at an event company called "The Party Goddess" with owner Marley Majcher. I really enjoyed one of her recent articles regarding baby showers, so here it is! Marley's bio is below.

1. It's about the theme. The theme guides every other decision you'll make regarding the shower, so make sure it's meaningful to the mom-to-be. Sit down with her and find out all of the details from whether it's a boy or girl to her nursery décor/colors to what her personality type is. Is she an "Earthy Girl" or an urban sophisticate? All of this information will be key in helping you design a theme that is personal and an event that is unforgettable. One of my favorite, all around fun themes is a Pickle & Ice Cream Shower. It works whether it's a boy or girl and lends itself to cute invitations and fun food-oriented party games.2. The first impression. The invitation is your chance to make a great first impression. It introduces the theme and builds excitement and anticipation for the party, so have fun with it! But, don't have so much fun that you make the common mistake of forgetting to include all of the key information everyone needs to get to the party! Every invitation should include: Who the shower is for, what event is being celebrated, date, time and location of the event - including address, and who to RSVP to and their contact information (email and/or phone). If it's ok with the mother-to-be provide the sex and name of the baby and any gift registry information. It's also helpful to include the theme, whether a meal will be included and a map to the shower location. You should, as the event planner, propose invitations that are creative and thematic.

3. Break the ice. Parties can be awkward in the beginning because often the guests don't know each other. You can help overcome this by inviting the expectant mother's closest friends to come early for a small, intimate get-together before the festivities begin. Not only will they feel special for being included but then they will be on hand to greet and mingle with the rest of the guests as they arrive. Be sure to provide cute name tags and an activity that will help break the ice. One way is to pin the name of a famous mother on each guests back without letting them know who it is. Some examples would be Carol Brady, Angelina Jolie or Mother Goose. While they're mingling guests can ask one another "yes" or "no" questions to get clues to who they are. Another fun way to include people of all ages is to have everyone bring their baby picture and have people guess who is who.

4. Let the games begin! Games can make the difference between a so-so shower and a truly memorable one. But not everyone is competitive so be conscious of this and provide a good mix of games that are fun but won't alienate anyone. Some games I like that are fun and good natured are "Baby What In The World?" - pull odd pregnancy/baby related items out of a bag and have each guest write down what they think that item is used for. You wouldn't believe the guesses I've heard for a baby nasal aspirator! Another game that is as fun to watch as it is to play is the "Baby Bottle Drinking Contest." Fill four 4 oz. baby bottles with juice (or something with a little kick!) and ask for four volunteers. Give each player a bottle and see who can drink it the fastest...hilarious! Games are great but don't go overboard. You really only need 1 or 2 games to make the shower a success. After the games, I love to include a bit of pampering and include a manicure station with manicurist to give touch ups and have a masseuse on hand who can give quick 15 minute massages. If you want to be a bit fancier, have a facialist on hand and watch the smiles spread like wild fire.

5. Baby food! When planning your menu for the shower, look to the theme for inspiration. Your food should fit the mood of the party. Baby showers are typically light-hearted affairs with fun finger foods but if your theme is elegant then your food should be too. Consider the time of day the shower will be held - a mid-afternoon shower will have a lighter spread than a lunch or dinner. For a more personal touch, I like to ask the mom-to-be what foods she has craved over her pregnancy and mix a few of those crave-worthy foods into my menus. This always gets the stories going as other moms share their crazy cravings.6. Double duty décor. It's just crazy how much STUFF new parents need to buy to be able to take care of a baby, so I like to incorporate useful baby items into my décor. For example, use a bundle of baby bottles tied together with colorful ribbon as a "vase" for your centerpiece or include small toys, rattles and pacifiers into table décor or as cupcake toppers. A gift basket of baby items wrapped in cello makes a fabulous centerpiece and the best part is that the mother-to-be can take it all home and use it!
Diaper cakes are very popular and come in different shapes, sizes, and themes.
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