Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Stuff for your Birthday!

Went to Disneyland for my birthday yesterday for their FREE ADMISSION promotion and had the most wonderful time!!! Can I tell you that I just LOVE Disneyland!? It really is the happiest place on earth, minus all the strollers of crying children and the occasional slow walkers who like to stand in the middle of the walkway....haha.
I went with my boyfriend David, my cousin Diana, and her friend Audrey. The guy at the ticket booth was super cool and even drew a Mickey Mouse on my "Happy Birthday" button. The first ride we checked out was the new Finding Nemo (former submarine ride), which was really cute! The wait time was less than 30 minutes!!! In fact, that was the longest we waited in line for any ride (yay Wednesday!). And we were able to ride almost everything (even the random Mr. Toad's Wild Ride) by the end of the day.
Splash Mountain totally soaked us!
Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster ride lets you email your photo to yourself!

We had lunch at the very fancy Blue Bayou, the restaurant that always looks like nighttime inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It's about $30/person, and they gave me a complimentary birthday mousse dessert with little Mickey Mouse sprinkles. Seriously, Disneyland is soo amazing with details....!They also reopened "It's a Small World" ride to include statues of Disney characters, which was kinda funny. A Disneyland ride about a world with Disneyland characters in it! I was admiring the colors and design of the ride...wouldn't it be fun to have an "It's a Small World" themed-party?? Well, I thought it'd be great for a multicultural event with lots of entertainment, colors, foods, etc.
Alice in Wonderland featured at "It's a Small World."
Closed up the evening with dinner at Downtown Disney's Rainforest Cafe where I also got a free ice cream (I had WAY too much ice cream that day!). They also gave me a free souvenir cup (SWEET!).With only 15 minutes left before the park closed, David and I ran (literally) all the way back into the park to ride Indiana Jones, the last ride to check off our list. We barely made it to the line before they closed it off and it was totally worth it!
Disneyland is definitely a great way to spend your actual birthday, especially since it's free (a $69 value!). And I got a 2fer pass since I'm also a So. California resident, so in a month we get to return to check out California Adventure. There isn't as much free stuff once you're inside the theme park, but with every single employee wishing you a happy birthday (and even some of the guests), it was a great way to spend the day with friends and family (who are willing to buy a ticket or have an annual pass).I would definitely recommend registering your birthday online with Disneyland and taking full advantage. It's open for all ages and only good for 2009. And if you're not a big Disneyland fan, my mom got me a gift certificate to Glen Ivy and apparently they offer free admission on your birthday as well! Here are some more websites that list free things that you can get for your birthday. Hey it's Free and Frugal Living. Enjoy!

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