Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Connie and Robert's Wedding

My boyfriend and I attended his college friend's wedding this last Saturday in Costa Mesa. The couple are both optometrists who met in Optometry school whom I met briefly last year when they were engaged.
The Turnip Rose hosted the outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. It was a bit cloudy near the beach but it allowed for nice lighting for pictures and a cool breeze during the ceremony and cocktail hour. The ceremony itself was short and sweet, the officiant Doc Johnson was very fun and sincere, and he focused a lot on the love and support of family and each other. They included a simple candle-lighting and sand-mixing ceremony.
Connie and Robert.
Although the outdoor venue was beautiful, the seating had to conform to the cirular water fountains and balconied coves surrounding the area. Part of my view was obscured from the huge water fountain, but at least they had the decency to turn off the water during the ceremony.
The cocktail hour was just on the other side of the patio with open bars and a fun little margarita blending table complete with unique margarita glasses. I met several UCLA alumni including another Joanna (cool!) and her husband Jordan, who is opening a jewelry store in Costa Mesa soon.
Fresh margaritas! Yummy!
The reception was held inside and followed the floral Victorian theme. The food was amazing (I loved the apple salad!) and guests enjoyed toasts, thank you's, and a slideshow of the bride and groom. I don't think there was an event planner other than the catering manager who spoke directly with the bride, so things would sometimes move really fast or really slow and the newlyweds were hardly ever at their sweetheart table.
Wonderful presentation.
After the entree, the DJ asked guests to come out and dance on the dance floor, and later the bride (changed into a Chinese dress) was cutting the cake with her groom.Another hightlight was the strawberry desserts (in addition to the marbled cake and red velvet tiered cake). Guests could choose from peanut butter to white chocolate strawberries and have a chosen liqueor injected into each strawberry with an actual syringe! They had amaretto, chocolate, orange, and coffee flavors! They were very rich but delicious! You could also choose to dip your own strawberries.
Spencer enjoyed injecting all the strawberries.
The rest of the evening was spent dancing the night away to hip hop, 80's music, and top 40. We were able to keep the beautiful centerpiece and the party favors were a mix of both Chinese and Armenian: 9 Jordan Almonds. 9 in Chinese means "longstanding" and an odd number of almonds in Armenian signify health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life. A perfect blend of both cultures. Congratulations Connie and Rob!
This is now sitting in my dining room!

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