Friday, May 22, 2009

ISES Event @ Crustacean

Went to the ISES LA networking event last Tuesday the 19th at the Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills. It was a crazy drive from Monterey Park to Beverly Hills but I made it just "fashionably late."
We entered from the side door up the stairs to the private area where they had a very small tabletop room, a hallway with the bar and the wine bar across the way, and then the entrance where DJ Nachey was playing. Once you passed that area though, it was this huge open area with a balcony to see down into the main dining area.
Met a lot of nice people, including Chris and Natalie from Argyle Event staffing, Daryl from mb2racing, and Justin and Jason from Plan It Interactive. I also chatted with Mike from Dazian lienes and Val from City Connection, and bumped into Ani from Social Hollywood (I attended a Step Up Network event there).
An Catering introduced their catering services and we were able to sample the pass appetizers. There was a sushi table but unfortunately I got there too late to try anything, though I heard it was very good.

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