Friday, May 29, 2009

Mexican Restaurant "La Fonda"

I enjoyed dinner at this wonderful restaurant near downtown LA called La Fonda on Friday for my parent's wedding anniversary. They decided to invite the whole family (us 3 kids) and chose this restaurant because it was where they had their first date. How cute!Dinner was delicious, but the best thing about the venue was the mariachi singers! They worked great with the audience, there was traditional Mexican dancing, and they even brought up guests to dance with them (like us)!
Dancing it up on stage!
Another random tidbit of history was that my father shot a movie called "Ninja Turf" back in the 80's and a scene from the movie was shot at this restaurant. How funny! How many restaurants in LA has lasted more than 2 decades?!? I give them major props for their great service, their fun entertainment, and for being timeless through the changes.

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