Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My First Indian Wedding

I attended my first Indian wedding on Sunday with Diya Events. It was wedding that was booked under a month with a couple from Michigan, Samir and Anjali, who was going to be celebrating from Friday to Sunday.
Indian weddings are very colorful and full of festivities and ceremonies. The groom and all the guests started around the corner of the Renaissance hotel on a white horse adorned with beautiful fabric. Music led the guests to dance along the street towards the lobby entrance where he met with the bride's family and a ceremony was done to present the bride to him. They walked hand in hand and led the guests to the ceremony room, which was beautifully decorated with dark red and gold.The Hindu ceremony was over 90 minutes long but was really inclusive because there was a translator with the priest who would explain all of the rituals in English.
After the ceremony it was a bit tricky. They had been running late on their pictures so family and couple photos were taken then. In the midst of it all, the mother of the bride lost her purse and everyone was on scavenger hunt looking for it. After the photos, the bride still had to go and change into her reception dress, which was going to take another 1.5 hours before the cocktail hour would start.
Cocktail hour started and everyone enjoyed Indian appetizers and an open bar. The bride and groom didn't want a cash box at their gift table, so an uncle was chosen to receive all the envelopes. They also had a beautiful photo album made so that all of their guests could write a special note to them. During this time rehearsals were being done in the reception ballroom for the dance performances to be presented later. We were also told that more guests were invited after the guest list was printed, so we would have to fit them to tables as people were sitting down.We pushed the reception time another half an hour because the bride wasn't ready after 1.5 hours, so when guests finally sat down to dinner it was 9:30! They had speeches done by all the siblings and fathers, then a dance performed by family members, a slideshow, and some Bhangra dancing! Dinner buffet was announced at 10:30pm and included all the traditional Indian food (delicious!) and it was the first moment that the 2 event planners Hima and Preet, and I got to relax a bit! The catering managers Michael Fox and Jamiee Heu was super amazing and really rolled with all the changes that we kept throwing at them.I left the reception after 11pm but I know they were going to be partying it up until 2am. It was a really fun and I totally loved working with Diya Events. Great job girls!

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