Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Doubt Concert!

My boyfriend took me to a No Doubt concert for my birthday last night (yes, I know my bday was last month!). It was a 2 part combo actually, he really wanted to see the opening band Paramore and I was super psyched to see No Doubt after 5 years of hiatus.
We left LA at 4pm to drive 2 hours to Baskersfield. Did a pitstop at Sonic because because we don't have one near us (their liimeades are yummy!) and then drove right up to the parking lot next door, paid $5 (OMG what a deal!) and parked right in a small little 50-car lot. We both looked at each other and thought...this is most definitely NOT LA!
Walked across the street to the Rabobank arena and walked right up (no line?) and had great seats close enough to the stage on the first row of the balcony.
Hello from Bakersfield!

The Sounds played first, then Paramore did some great songs (Hayley is soo small and young!) and then it was all about No Doubt! Gwen is such an inspiration! She is so beautiful, I love all of her songs, and I think she just has so much charisma, charm, and high energy. How can you not like her?
Paramore opens the No Doubt concert. They're actually a really great band. Good choice!
No Doubt's stage design was very clean, ultra-modern quasi-space age. They played a lot with the lighting and had a huge projector in the back that synched up with each song.
We stood up the whole time and shared binoculars, and of I sang every single song they did! It was great high energy and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The craziest moment was when Gwen jumped off the stage and ran clear across the the entire arena, stopping midway and yelling into the microphone that if you're going to touch her, NOT to touch her dress cuz she's only got 2 of them! She took pictures with fans, signed autographs, and even sang one song on her upcoming album.
Two large projector screens were at both ends of the stage for close-ups.
We love you Gwen!!
The concert lasted about 4 hours and as we headed out, we were shocked to see how quickly we just walked to our car, got in, and drove out of the driveway and back onto the freeway. No traffic, no lines, not even waiting for loads of pedestrians to walk by... is this what life is like outside of LA?! Cheap parking and easy access around even the big events? Crazy!

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