Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Birthday Beach Bash!

The Birthday beach bash turned out great! Everyone had a great time and we were able to incorporate all the things the birthday boy wanted: the local brewing company's laid back feel, and beach activities, and the Laker game all in one party!
The restaurant was called the Manhattan Beach Brewing Company and it was literally down the street from the beach! It's a pretty small venue but they had plenty of TV's to watch the Laker's game 7. We arrived early knowing our party of 19 was going to be hard to seat together even with our reservations. And even though we had made the reservation 2 weeks before, there was no way they could fit everyone together at the same table, so 4 people had to sit in a separate booth. The food and beer was great though, and everyone was surprisingly satisfied at the menu options and how delicious everything was.
Parking was a bit tricky since the restaurant could only offer 2 hour meter parking. Guests found parking around the area and then met near the Manhattan Beach pier. It was quite a trek with folding chairs, an umbrella, towels, toys, and about 3 coolers worth of food and drinks, but we made it and set up camp.
Guests lounged around and snacked, threw around the football, and read magazines. It was nice and relaxing, though too cold to get in the water. At one point the birthday boy got buried in the sand and shaped him into a sexy mermaid with long seaweed hair. And then they made him a sand cake which he accidentally took a bite out of.
Nice stars!
Probably the only thing missing was the hot summer sun! It was pretty warm inland but I found as we drove to the ocean that it got really cool and grey...I don't know how people who live near the beach deal with the constant marine layer! It wasn't cold persay, but eventually the winds and lack of sun got to everyone and we packed up around 5:30pm. And even with no sun, I was exhausted! It was a very busy weekend!
Happy Birthday Dave!

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