Thursday, June 11, 2009

3rd Annual BizBash Expo Review!

Maybe it's just me, but nothing feels more amazing than the satisfied exhaustion after a 12-hour day on your feet running around putting out fires, keeping schedule, and making sure everyone has a great time. I volunteered at Bizbash's Expo and Awards today and it was really fast-paced and fun! Call time was 7am at the LA Mart in downtown LA and I was on my feet nonstop until 7:30pm!!! Sue Cook was our volunteer coordinator and did a fantabulous job accommodating everyone and keeping everything going smoothly. In the morning I helped with the first educational session "Financial Issues for Planning Events From the Inside Out" (which was wall-to-wall packed!) with speaker Robb Thornsberry of Infinity Events and then worked the main desk in the VIP Lounge. Then we escorted attendees to the General Session where Howard Bragman (Fifteen Minutes), Paul Dreher (Beverly Hilton), and Hillary Harris (Warner Brothers) were all inducted into Bizbash's Hall of Fame.

Highlights from the trade show floor included:

*The uber impressive Glimmer Body Art! This was a serious hit. They are all glitter, last 5-7 days, waterproof, and completely customizable! And (the best part!) really affordable! I decided to go with a nice Laker's logo since they were playing tonight (Go Lakers!) and I think that sparked a lot of attendees to go and check out their booth!*Fifty Flowers with their amazing and impressive flowers all the way from South America! I was completely taken aback with their "Rainbow Roses" and thought all of their flowers were just so big, fat and fragrantly beautiful!*LA Photo Party launched their new 3D photobooth today for the first time at BizBash. Basically everyone gets into an enclosed tent and spreads around a camera stand in the middle. It takes pictures of the entire 360 space and prints in a long horizontal line. It's definitely an interesting concept, but the pictures print pretty small and sometimes looks stretched out. But I ALWAYS have fun at their regular LA Photo Party booth! I took some crazy pictures with another volunteer Dora from Santa Barbara.

*The Champagne Showgirls Strolling hors d'oeuvres tables (like from "The Special Event" in January) are still a favorite because no matter what, you can't beat a girl wearing a food table and singing opera or playing the violin!*I finally got to meet Angie from My M&M's who had commented on my Candy Stations blog post. I was really happy to put a name to a face and am continually impresed with M&M's color, message, photo, and packaging options.

*Elegant Designs Specialty Linens showcased a linen called the "mushroom" that I thought was so cute and unusual.*And as always, I am a forever fan of Party Hats Entertainment, who were our sponsored activity for the cocktail hour. My last shift ended at 3pm but I stuck around for another 3 hours just to make hats! You wouldn't think it much fun at first, but to see the creative hats that people come up with is half the fun! And you just get so into choosing and making a hat and then showing it off afterward!

Lunch was provided by California Pizza Kitchen (I never knew their chicken sandwiches were so good! The bread was so soft and yummy!) and I bumped into a lot of ISES JAM committee members as well (JAM is September 23rd!). I assisted the last session and then watched the awards ceremony (which was run much more smoothly than last year!) and then we all finally headed down for the cocktail hour, which consisted of mostly making hats from Party Hats!
DeAnne and I with our fun Party Hats creations!
The space probably wasn't the best for this type of event because the partitions between the speaker sessions and the tradeshow were just pipe and draping (bad echo) and the session B room was significantly small. Also, the stage TV's in the main room were really small so sometimes it was difficult to see what was being shown, although I thought the colored light changes were a great effect.

All in all, another successful event for BizBash. I am thoroughly BEAT but it feels so darn good to have worked hard and got a job well done!


  1. You were AWESOME Joanna! Thanks to you and all the volunteers! Sue Cook - SooziEvents!

  2. how did you get to volunteer for bizbash? do you work for them?

  3. I'm actually the Volunteer Coordinator this year, so if you're interested in working the event, email me! We need help Tuesday June 8 and the day of the event June 9th.