Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cool Ideas for Your Independence Day Party!

Independence Day is just around the corner, what are you going to do to celebrate? I say do it the "American" way, making your party just a bit more unique and always fun!

1. Sure, the traditional BBQ in the yard always works. But what if you don't have a backyard, picnic area, or rooftop to host your party? If you're going to do it indoors (which might be nice with some major air conditioning!), why not celebrate your patriotism with a col 50's theme? Decorate your space with checkered prints, bright colored tablecloths, classic Coca-Cola bottles, oversized musical notes, a jukebox (or at least some 50's music), and vinyl records. You can go one step further and ask your guests to dress up to the theme with poodle skirts and denim rocker jeans for the full effect!2. If you'd rather share the cooking responsibilities, go potluck style and ask everyone to bring something "All American" to see what your guests will come up with! Have a contest to see who is most creative! They can be as easy as American flag-shaped pizzas, star-shaped corn bread, blueberries and strawberries in cream, or even simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Find over 3,000 recipes at RecipeZaar.

3. I love naming drinks, so create some signature drinks to go with your menu, like a "Patriotic Pina Colada" or "Liberty Lemonade." Provide a wide range of American beers for guests to enjoy, like Coors, Michelob, Rolling Rock, and Miller.4. Centerpieces can do double-duty as candy jars of red, white, and blue for your guests to enjoy while mingling, or with fruit bouquets like Edible Arrangements.
This one is called the "Sweet Liberty Bouquet."
5. Let the kids have fun with a scavenger hunt! Hide red and blue paper stars all around the house and yard for the kids to find during the party. When they come to redeem them, have a prize bag ready for them to pick out silly toys like squirt guns, stickers, frisbees, and beach balls that will also keep them busy afterward. Check out prize favors and candy in bulk at Oriental Trading.

6. Don't forget dessert! Your guests will love a dessert station of ice cream floats complete with Root Beer and Coca-Cola, and classic shakes made with real ice cream. Make sure you've got plenty of whipped cream and cherries to top them with!

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