Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Father's Day Ideas!

I bet you just realized Father's Day is only 3 weeks away (June 21st) and you have no ideas! Gifts are great, but what people really appreciate now is quality time spend together. So whether you're on a budget or just in need of some time with Dad, any of these ideas will work for you!

1. The Good ol' Breakfast in Bed. Yes, this one is a classic. But why not spice it up a bit by changing up the menu? Heart-shaped waffles, homemade chocolate chip pancakes, or fresh squeezed orange juice!2. Clean his baby. No, not your sibling, I mean his car! Go all out with a full wash, wax, and vacuuming of the interior. Include an oil change and new air freshener for full effect.

3. Share his hobby! Hobbies are only as fun as the people you're with, so spend some time together doing things that he enjoys. So if he likes golfing, fishing, or building things, treat him out to his favorite hobby and add to the fun by joining him! Perhaps you're not a big golf fan, so take him to a mini-golf course instead. He'll get into it once you bet that you'll win him.

4. If you have many fathers to celebrate around you, why not host a picnic or BBQ in your yard or at a park? Have guests bring food with creative names after their Dads (pig in a blanket can be "Pete in a blanket") and play some fun father/kids games like the 3-legged race, a pie eating contest, or potato sack races. Don't forget to make 1st place ribbons for the winners!

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