Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday Lollipop Madness!

I worked with The Party Goddess! yesterday for a very fun birthday party for Ali Landry's 2 year-old daughter at the celebrity exclusive Beach House in Malibu. The theme was inspired by Shirley Temple's "Good Ship Lollipop" and included a lemonade stand, a Shirley Temple Table lady, and lots and lots of ribbons! The Party Goddess! also made sure there were enough candy and lollipops to keep the kids on a sugar high for the next 2 days!!
Anne did a wonderful job as the Table Lady!
It was a beautiful day to be at a private beach with food provided by Johnny Rocket's and drinks sponsored by Rose's, Orchid Liqueurs, Nika Water, and Grandma's Sweet Leaf Teas. The house is completely sponsored by Pirate's Booty (yummy snacks!) so there were sand sculptors creating a pirate ship, a treasure hunt for the kids, a face painter, a photo booth, beach toys, and even a Shirley Temple look-a-like who played games with the kids.Estela, the birthday girl, was super adorable as she wore 4 outfits throughout the party, from an A-line dress (much like Shirley Temple), a tutu dress, a white summer outfit, and an adorable swimsuit, always with a matching ribbon in her hair and a lollipop in hand!The guests were very easy going and perhaps famous, but I don't watch much TV so I didn't have a clue. It sunk in when I saw a group of paparazzi "tanning" at the beach next door with their camera gear and phones handy. One guest I did recogize was WNBA start Lisa Leslie with her husband and cute daughter, and I was told that the hostess of "Dance Your Ass Off" was also there. The party ended nicely with a beautiful cake and swag bags full of goodies.As everyone headed out and the paparazzi left, who shows up but Lindsay Lohan with her entourage!! She's a regular at the Beach House, so she hung out on the balcony while all the NEW paparazzi showed up and waited for.... her to do something amazing?? It must be so hard being a paparazzi photographer... doesn't it get annoying to follow celebrities around all the time while they do mundane things like smoke a cigarette and chat with their friends? The day definitely made me realize that, famous or not, everyone parties with friends, takes care of their kids, eats burgers and candy, and hangs out at the beach.

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