Friday, August 7, 2009

Girl's Only Cocktail Party/Sleepover

I'm very excited about a party we're planning tonight for just the girls! I have about 5 cousins coming over to have our all-too-seldom "Cousin Sleepover." Of course our youngest cousin is 17 and the oldest are in our late 20's, but it's all in good fun and a great excuse to have a party and catch up.
Even when planning your most informal events, it's nice to show you care in the details that you present for the party. It just brings the whole event up a notch from a regular sleepover to a full-blown Girl's Night Cocktail Party/All Night Sleepover!

Food. Instead of ordering the typical pizza or snack foods, we opted for a fun activity food: FONDUE!!! There are so many fun ways to make fondue, and it's inexpensive but classy! Go with a cheese fondue for a dinner setting, or for those sweet tooths (like us), we're going for chocolate with all the fixings!Drinks. We asked everyone to tell us their favorite cocktails and we provided all the mixers and made up fun names for each drink to create a mini bar of our favorites to share with everyone. Every guest will get a drink charm that they can put on their drink glass to distinguish their cup. These can easily be bought or made at an arts and crafts store like Michael's. Activities. I'm a BIG fan of having activities, whether it be games, entertainment, or just a focal point that people can enjoy if there is ever a lull. We'll be playing boardgames (that's our "thing") but I also had a wonderful idea to make every single guest feel extra special, especially since it's difficult to see everyone all the time.
We'll be making "Cousin Jars" ( you can name them to fit your theme/purpose) where every person will get a jar with their name/special embellishment on it. There will be small note-sized cards given out with statements like "My funniest moment with you.." and "I admire you because..." that everyone can write about you and put in your jar. Each person can share their messages aloud afterward, and it makes a beautiful keepsake of memories!Entertainment. My cousins are unique in that we all grew up together and are very close. As an aspiring filmmaker in my younger days, I used to videotape entire productions involving all of my cousins as the cast. We thought it might be fun (and embarrassing??!) to find all those lost tapes and showcase all the recently discovered footage. Afterward we'll give everyone a copy on DVD to keep whenever they need a good laugh!

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