Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Endgame" Screening

Attended another screening last Saturday for a short film I helped produce back in 2006 (Yes, movies take that long to finish up, especially if you're on a super small budget and you're the only one working the entire project!). I have to give major props to the writer/director/actor/good friend of mine, John Ruby, who worked his heart out putting this thing together and believing in himself enough to finish this project.
See John in the upcoming Subaru commercial!
The screening was held at the ever-popular Cinespace in Hollywood, which they've renovated since I was last there. Bumped into my friend/event planner DeAnne, and FLFF President/event planner Sandra Lollino, so we were able to catch up on life a little bit over drinks. John had a photographer at the venue so that everyone could get photographed, which I thought was great since I always forget to bring my camera to these things!
Lovely Ladies! Sandra, DeAnne, and I.
ENDGAME tells the story of Bennett Dale (John Ruby), an unemployed, engaged man, who is struggling to find meaning in life. With no job prospects and constant fighting with his girlfriend, Bennett's at the end of his rope. But when, through a chance encounter, he befriends a chess player in the park, things start to change. This new friend teaches Bennett not only the right moves to make on the chess board, but also, the right moves in life.
I thought it was very well done and I wish John well as he sends his project through the festival circuit!! Check out his trailer here!

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