Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Party Goddess! Parties it Up!

I work part time at The Party Goddess! and Marley Majcher, the boss lady, just celebrated her big 40th birthday bash on Saturday. Jen O' Sullivan was one of the amazing photographers who captured the night with her stellar photos, including this one with me, Ji San, and Camilla, 2 coworkers that were in charge of checking in the guests with me (hence the matching outfits!).

Photos by Jen O Sullivan. Super fab!

It was a fantastical event with the theme, "The 4 Seasons, more than just a hotel" and showcased 4 rooms of each season and included a Hunky Santa in a gingerbread house, massage chairs and a Pama bar, a tiki bar, and a pirate ship with pilgrims and a mashed potato bar! More pictures to come!

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  1. The Hunky Santa & Elf combo was a classic combo that never gets old. Great job!