Thursday, December 10, 2009

Decorating for the Holidays on a Budget!

So the economy is down and you’re trying to keep your expenses low this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in the New Year with decorations for the holidays! I always believe that when you’re on a tight budget, it only makes you more creative and resourceful! So let’s get those creative juices flowing as I show you some fun tips to make your house ready for the holiday spirit without spending any of that gift money!

1. It Smells Like Christmas! Nothing feels more like the holidays to me than all the wonderful smells that come with it. Peppermint, pine, and cinnamon scents are easy to capture with candles. Decorate the candles with some greenery or even a ribbon, and you’ve got a beautiful tabletop piece that also smells great!

2. Edible Centerpieces. Don’t know what to do for the center of your table? Place a few jars of various shapes and sizes and fill them with yummy holiday-colored candy! Your guests won’t be able to resist grabbing a handful of sweets every time they walk by.

Photo: Inspire Me Crafts

3. Display Your Christmas Cards. What do you usually do with all the holiday cards you receive in the mail, place it on the mantel? This year, use those cards as part of the decor, displaying them in groups around the house, or putting them up on a wall or door in the shape of a tree, or placed in a basket or bowl.

4. Back to Nature. Take a brisk walk outside (chilly!) and collect some pinecones, acorns, leaves, small branches, berries, and evergreens. Arrange them together as a nice display in a tall vase or tied together as a bouquet. To add some color, spray paint the pinecones and branches gold or silver to make it really sparkle!

5. Happy Green Holidays! You may not even realize it, but being creative and resourceful with your decorating helps the environment too! My final tip is to skip on all the unnecessary wrapping paper (they’ll just throw it away, right?) and use newspaper or any other large printed material instead! Know an architect who throws out blueprints all the time, or banner paper that schools throw out at the end of the year? Use those interesting prints to create a unique gift wrapping idea for your friends and family. Finish off the wrapping with an elegant bow. Not only will everyone notice how eco-friendly you are, but your gifts will probably be the first to be opened!

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