Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hosting a Holiday Party

December is always filled with company parties, socials and luncheons for work, it can be a bit overwhelming! How do you make yours different?

I planned a holiday party for a martial arts school last weekend and it was great! The venue, A Cow Jumped Over the Moon, has always had such a great staff and the restaurant's look is already elegant, sophisticated, and fun.

With just a little bit of holiday magic, I was able to create a casual yet chic holiday party for families, couples, and single ready to mingle people. Thanks to Christine Chang for capturing these beautiful photos of the night.

Signage is key, especially if your guests have never been there before.
The venue already had such great ambiance, it made it easy to just accents and little details to finish the festive look.
Great (kosher!) sushi was featured in Angeleno magazine.
Ornament-shaped name tags and a
customized wreath featuring the company's logo on silver medallions.

A live DJ makes all the difference!
Ready for the party to begin!

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