Friday, December 4, 2009

My funniest moment in Event Planning So Far

So I've been meaning to write about the funniest moment in my event planning career so far. I would say other people had the laugh, I was just trying to get my work done!

For Halloween this year, my boss requested 2 "dead" bodies to float in a swimming pool at a party. Since we only had a few days to procure this and it wasn't in the original budget, I had to think of something fast. After much research online and calling for prices, I decided to get resourceful. I went over to the local sex shop and the woman there was very helpful about explaining the various looks and positions of inflatable lifesize dolls.

After purchasing 2, I headed back to the office and began creating a "dead man" and "dead woman" in distinct clothing. The man got to wear a pair of my old jeans, a plaid button-down shirt, and a fun hat to cover the big gaping hole of the inflatable doll's mouth. I also had a problem with the gy-normous chest on the man, so I had to roll up the plastic and tie them down! For the woman, unfortunately I didn't have a dress picked out so I had to put together a sexy dress of random fabrics that we had in the warehouse, but I made sure she wore matching black bra and panties (she was a DD). I was also able to snag a black wig for her to give her some long locks.

The end result is what you see before, and guess what? My boss LOVED it, and I got to learn about the 3 holes that all inflatable dolls come with!

My "Dead Man" to float in the pool.
Look at the dress on her!

My happy Halloween couple!

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