Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Special Event 2010: Final Week Review!

Okay peeps! The final review of TSE 2010 is in! I write this as I sit in my room for the last night as the rain outside slowly lets up. The weather is warmer than usual, so I'm surprisingly warm and happy, but it's suspicious too. We'll see how cold it is tomorrow, but I hope my plane doesn't get delayed from the thunderstorms they predict!

Thursday I decided to sleep in. Last year I got really sick with a kidney infection after TSE 2009 in San Diego, so in order to prevent sleep deprivation and possible sickness, I thought sleeping the extra hour would do me good.

Sessions were a little lighter but I did get some good notes and see a lot of the same faces I've been meeting all week (which is a great thing!). This was our only free evening of the week, so I spent it with Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess!, at her cocktail hour at the Marriott mingling with all types of folks and getting to know planners from all over the world!

Friday, the last day of TSE. Some people are eager to get home while others try to squeeze every last minute out of the trip. I attended 3 sessions (getting press, networking, and table design) before heading over to the last bit of the exhibition hall and hit up the last of the vendors there.
Then I decided to head over to Cafe du Monde for the last bit of beignets and hot chocolate of the trip! OMG it was soooo cold and windy!!! Thursday was such a beautiful day, I almost considered taking off one of my 4 layers, but Friday was crazy cold! The worst part of it was getting ready for the Gala dinner and realizing it was raining outside! Who wants to dress up in formal attire and heels when it's pouring out?

I finally made it back to the auditorium for the Awards Ceremony and Gala dinner. I helped set up and welcome people to the event, then headed over to prepare for the dinner, which was beautifully set up!
The centerpieces to the Gala Awards cocktail hour.
We were able to take a big group picture (to be posted soon!) and sit for dinner. The entertainment was AMAZING!!! I will post all those entertainers, photos, and links soon, but trust me, it was so good that everyone had to get up and dance, clap, and give standing ovations!
The dinner ended with more amazing Flutter-fetti exploding everywhere and a Champagne Chandelier girl from Champagne Entertainment Group (Rolando rocks!!) and then we danced the night away! And BTW, Steve from Party Hats is an AMAZING dancer!!! I was doing moves I didn't even know I could do on the dance floor with him! So fun!Sad to be leaving New Orleans after being here for almost 10 days! But with the rain, the cold, the football game tomorrow, and Mardi Gras in a few weeks, it might be a good time to start heading out before it starts getting really crazy! I have met so many amazing people, vendors, speakers, and have gotten so many ideas (I almost finished my notebook full of notes!) that I can't wait to read over and start implementing!

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