Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Working the Grammy's After-party

What an amazing experience to work the Grammy's this year! I have to give a big thank you to Dora Olvera for working this gig out for me. It was actually a lot of fun to see the afterparty up-close, enjoy the live singing of Ne-yo and Sam Moore, and work directly with the talented performers of Lucent Dossier, whom I happened to see at H.Wood just a few weeks ago!
OMG Ne-yo is amazing!!!! Jamie Foxx and Fabulous came out to sing as well!
It's interesting because the Grammy's actually have over 120 awards to give out, but they only show a few dozen on TV (otherwise we'd be there forever!) so while the live show was going on for the east coast, by the time it played for everyone in LA at 8pm, the afterparty hosted by Along Came Mary and Wolfgang Puck Catering, was already in full swing.
Circus theme this year. Hence the 3-ring circus stages.
I worked one of the 3 stages as the stage manager making sure that each performer was ready and prepped by the time they went on stage, and that there was a steady flow of performers the whole time. It doesn't sound too hard, but when you've got some performers running late on the other stages and a few more of them running amongst the thousands of guests that filled the LA Convention center, it becomes a bit of a challenge.
Ice bar.
It was a lot of fun though and it was amazing seeing all the crazy juggling, unicycling, game-playing, tight-rope and hoola-hoop spinning these guys could do! If you ever get a chance to see Lucent Dossier perform, they are hilarious and uber talented!Needless to say it was a long night, but I got to take home some flowers and get one fun photobooth picture in with some of my fellow stage managers and production team. Thanks Dora and Abby for the fabulous pictures!

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