Monday, March 22, 2010

Brain Overload at "Uncensored" conference

I attended the "Uncensored" conference for St. Patrick's Day last week, hosted by The Party Goddess! Marley Majcher, and boy did I get a wealth of information! Such great speakers, such fun and enthusiastic attendees, and of course, a fabulous team who put it all together!Wednesday was the first day of the conference and Simon T. Bailey spoke about "Releasing Your Inner Brilliance." What a funny and smart guy! He's written tons of books I took a lot of great notes. Here are just a few:
-Failure is just feedback. And if you're going to fail, fail FORWARD.
-Finding Clarity by asking #1. What would I do if I knew I wouldn't fail, #2. What would I do if I wasn't getting paid to do it? #3. What makes me come alive?
-Real confidence comes in the valleys of life.
-Believe in your self worth.Cocoe Voci is a wonderful wedding dress and dress designer who shared how she got into the business and what she loves about her job.
I also met Merri Jill Finstrom who actually designed the TPG logo (I always wondered that) but wasn't able to stay to hear her presentation or Laura Roeder, but don't worry! They videotaped it so you'll get to see everything on DVD later. There were hot seats featuring volunteers from the audience where both Marley and Simon asked the "uncomfortable" questions to get people thinking about how to really solve and grow their businesses.
The event celebrated St. Patty's day by having a green candy station, green uplights, and a full St. Patty's themed cocktail party with manicures, a photobooth, book signings, and of course, mingling!
Happy St. Patty's Day!
Thursday was Day #2 and even more amazing info for event planners. Tara Wilson and Kathy Nenneker spoke about PR and how to get publicity for your events. I absolutely love Tara, I met her at TSE and she is just brilliant not only as an event planner but also as a PR hound!
Mary Dann, whom I just friended on twitter, was also a speaker, along with Gianna Provenzano (super smart lady), Liz Dennery Sanders (how to book A-list celebrities), and Kelly O'Neill (boy is she a smart seller or what!?) on how to find your perfect client.

Marley has worked with Brittney Spears, Snoop Dogg, Pierce Brosnan, Katherine Heigl. and Nick Lachey, just to name a few!
Thursday was more of a pink day and we worked on a beautiful pink candy station and the girls started preparing for the evening event of "Man Candy Martinis".... yummy!

The event continued until mid-day Friday, but unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for that day. But it was a super successful and great event! Thanks again to the volunteers who came to help, the TPG ladies for their kick-a$$ event (Katrina, Camilla, Jisan, and Donna), and to Marley and all of her wonderful successful friends for sharing their knowledge with us!
For those who missed it, save the date for the next one set for October 2010!

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  1. Thanks for including me in your blog! It was great to see you in LA!