Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Plan a Party Without Flowers!

Flowers are beautiful, elegant, and help add color, set the mood and even change the formality of any event. But flowers can also eat up a budget, so what do you do if you can't afford grand floral centerpieces to woo your guests? Or what if your guests are allergic to flowers or you're just not a big flower fan? Here are some creative tips on making your event décor grab anyone's attention without going over-budget or under-impressive.

1. Light them up! The great things about candles are that they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors! You can group them together or spread them throughout the event to use as both decoration pieces ans ambiance lighting. Candles create a very private and intimate mood for any party, but please be aware of the fire safety guidelines for your venue and the city.
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2. Lighting packages. Most people don't think about lighting or how important it can be as part of your party décor, but it can sometimes make or break the whole event! Try using variations of lamp sizes and colors, rope lighting, twinkle lights, even glow sticks! Companies are now making lounge furniture that light up in specific colors or change throughout the evening.
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3. Personalize your party using photos. Create a unique and personalized environment for your event by finding and framing any family photos, nature pictures, even table numbers in a creative and unique way that allows guests to reminisce and enjoy each photo placed as part of the decor.
Photo Credit: Becoming Mrs. McHugh
4. Nature inspirations. Fruits and vegetables (real or fake) and live plants can be displayed in creative ways to become innovative decor pieces for your party! Pick out fruit or veggies that match your theme or color, or look for interesting plants that are in season during the time of your event. Plus people can eat them or take them home to plant later!
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5. Arts and crafts! Give your party a little sparkle with some fun simple art pieces. Think crystals, glass, and beading in various colors and sizes. You can even bring in art pieces (yours or of someone you admire) to show off your exquisite artistic taste!
Photo Credit: It's a Jaime Thing
6. Make it unusual and fun! What are some of the things you like? Decorate using your favorite color, hobby or sport memorabilia, or random interests you have (classic model cars, anyone?). Also don’t forget the all-time party favorites, BALLOONS! Sometimes they can be cheesy; but you'd be surprised how many amazingly creative and neat things that can be done with balloons that are modern and super impressive!
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