Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding And Event Specialists Open House

Attended a very fun Wedding and Event Specialist Open House today at the studio of the very talented Jen O' Sullivan. Met many cool people who do not only weddings but just about everything in special events. I met some new people as well as familiar faces, including a girl I went to high school with (what a small world!!).
Because Jen is the awesome photographer she is, we were able to get fantastic photos just hours after the event (I said she was awesome, right?) so please enjoy! You can also check out more pictures on her blog along with each vendors' info if you're interested in meeting them!

Info booklets about joining the Wedding and Events Specialists group.
This is Sabrina and we were on the high school swim team together!!!! And now she makes this kick-a$$ cookies through Sabrina's Sweetery!

Sabrina brought these sample cookies.
My favorite were the lemon ones...tarty!

This was taken in the middle of me telling Sabrina,
"OMG You went to South Pasadena High School?!"

So it turns out Tara (Makeup Therapy) standing next to me is going to be one of my speakers at the "Get Pampered!" event in April, so it was great to finally meet her and chat!
We got these very try these Flipp'ncool flipbooks.
You gotta see mine...Very fun!
I JUST ate this cupcake lollipop thing from Cake Goodness, and it was DEELISH!
All Photos: Jen O'Sullivan

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