Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My First WIPA Event!

I attended my first WIPA (Wedding Industry Professionals Association) at the Langham in Pasadena and had a wonderful time!
First off, the Langham Pasadena is GORGEOUS! I want to take every bride there to check out their gardens and ballrooms!
The Viennese Room.
Second, everyone was so nice and friendly at WIPA, I had such a nice time chatting with everyone. Wedding planner Mary Dann was our keynote speaker presenting tips on how to stay balanced, which were fantastic tools that I will start implementing today!
Mary Dann Rocks!!!
Afterward everyone headed off to lunch catered by the Langham and included Japanese Tomato Avocado Ceviche, Balsamic Seared Artic Char, and a serious dessert table of goodies like Mango Sphere with Poprocks (yes, Poprocks!!) and hand-crafted truffles. Deeee-lish!After dessert, people were able to sit with their similar industry professionals and discuss various topics that related to their field. The wedding planners in our group discussed ways that we deal with stress, how we combat it, and finally, how we rid the world of the misconception and wording of "Day of Planner." This is Carol Rosen's mission and we all support her in it; no planner can ever come in and just do the "Day of," it's a long and meticulous process that can range from almost a year in advance to a few months before, but it takes planning, preparation, and clients to understand that arriving the day of to coordinate a wedding is just too late to do anything at all.
I was able to squeeze in a caricature drawing from "Caricatures by Dave" that's now hanging on my wall. The afternoon ended with Jill Hilts taking us on a tour of the Langham and sharing a bit of the history, although I just realize I didn't hear the story of where the $25million worth in jewelry went after the founder passed on! Jill owes me a story...!All in all a wonderful event! For more information on the non-profit organization WIPA, please go to their website, www.wipausa.org.


  1. Joanna,
    Thank you so much for attending your 1st WIPA event and we are so pleased you enjoyed your experience with our association.
    It was my first time at Langhams and I agree I don't want it to be my last:)
    We hope you will join us again and look forward to seeing you in the future.

  2. Joanna:

    I am so thrilled that you had a great experience! As Director of Programs for WIPA, I loook forward to meeting you at one of our future events!

    Dina Balatti, Bella Celebrations