Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Step Up’s 4th Annual “I Dream to…” Gallery

Step Up’s 4th Annual “I Dream to…” gallery was held on Saturday April 17th. It was an evening of entertainment and inspiration celebrating the works of Step Up’s teen photojournalists.

The event is a culmination of Step Up’s “I Dream to…” program which helps under-served teens explore the careers they dream to pursue. Step Up Women's Network draws on its diverse network of professional women to give the students an opportunity to meet with, interview and photograph a women in the career field of each student's dream. The program was sponsored by SanDisk and ran at 3 different schools with over 45 high school girls.

It was a fantastic turnout with so many inspirational stories by the young girls involved in the program, and it was so fun to see them all dressed up with their families proud of what they've accomplished so far. Many of them presented their online blogs of their experiences and even went around answering questions about their mentors and what they want to pursue as careers.

I also bumped into Katrina from TPG who was volunteering at the membership table (I was working registration) and it turns out she's been a member for 3 years! Small world! I also bumped into Liz Dennery from the Uncensored Conference there with her husband. I'm looking forward to seeing who else is an active member of Step Up as I continue getting more involved!

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