Monday, May 17, 2010

Top 5 Checklist for Bridesmaids

You’ve just been asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding party, congratulations! Aside from helping plan her bridal shower, helping her into her dress and standing on her side holding a 10 lb. bouquet, here are some other helpful tips that you could use to make sure your bride doesn’t turn into “Bridezilla” during the wedding process.

1. Help her find “The Dress”
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Agreeing with every dress choice and chiming in about how beautiful the extra tulle makes her look isn’t helpful. Bring a camera to take photos of the bride in each dress she tries on to give her a better idea of the fit. Also be there to step in whenever a pushy salesperson is trying to sell the bride a “one of a kind” avant-garde dress that’s worth 3 arms and a leg. This process should be a fun, adventurous, bonding discovery for you and the bride.

2. Help with the Gift Registry!
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Most men dread being in any store all day. Help out the groom and bride by volunteering to help her set up appointments and scan wedding presents. Make sure she is choosing reasonable items to use and also some fun things too.

3. Be the Wedding Representative!
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There are always last minute details and information for the wedding party. Be the life line for the bride and groom and communicate to the wedding party any last minute details or information. This could really help to avoid any wedding party disasters.

4. Keep the Bride Calm and Collected
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It’s her special day and things are going to be hectic! Try to pull the fuse on some of the blow-ups and make sure the bride has everything she needs before getting dressed. Maybe having some snacks packed for any emergency hungry wedding party members or the bride. Also make sure that any staff working the event speaks to you or the Maid of Honor in order to not worry the Bride about a wedding décor or guest issue.

5. Enjoy the Reception, It’s a Party!
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Whether the special couple is the life of the party or into food and alcohol, enjoy the atmosphere and the celebration! Dance, drink, and eat! Put aside anything negative that might be going on with bad guests or wilting flowers, the bride wants to see that her family and friends are enjoying her reception and sharing in her special day!

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