Monday, June 28, 2010

Difference between Venue Coordinators and Wedding Planners

I hear a lot of questions from brides about not needing a wedding planner because they already have an on-site venue coordinator (I've also been told DJ's and florists also say they are wedding planners as well!). It's important to consider what will really be involved when orchestrating your wedding and what exactly each "planner" does for you.

Below are just some typical examples of what a venue Catering Manager/On-site Coordinator will handle vs. hiring your own Event Planner.

Typical Catering Manager Duties:
℘ Sell the venue
℘ Schedule personalized tour of venue
℘ Arrange and attend menu tasting
℘ Create catering contract related to venue's rentals and food
℘ May or may not have a preferred vendors list, help decorate, or create a timeline
℘ Oversee venue ceremony/reception set up and food prep
℘ Pass duties to venue's banquet captain before leaving
These coordinators are essential to understanding the space and layout, but please remember that they work for the venue. They are there to follow the rules and guidelines of the facility and at times may have several events going on at the same time.

Typical Event Planner Duties:
℘ Assess and recommend vendor professionals (music, flowers, rentals) to fit your needs
℘ Create comprehensive timeline of day
℘ Tie all vendors together and confirms "call times" and details
℘ Coordinate ceremony rehearsal, ceremony, reception
℘ Assist in the details like wording of invitations, cake tastings, favors, music, d├ęcor and design
℘ Deliver and arrange programs, place cards, favors, decorations; collect personal items, gifts
An event coordinator works for you, the client. Our job is to orchestrate your entire event from start to finish based on your style and personality. We deal with the emotions, the families, the emergencies, and the details to make it is a flawless event for you and your guests.

Though a venue coordinator does help coordinate your event, know that they are not a wedding coordinator. Neither is your DJ, photographer, or florist. They all coordinate things that directly relate to their field (ie, your DJ will create a timeline as it affects the music of your reception) but they are not orchestrating every single detail like a wedding coordinator will.
A venue coordinator and event coordinator are both very important to have as they both have specific jobs that they are good at doing, and they will work together to make sure you have a beautiful and stress-free party!